Monday, 10 June 2013

Lunch at HUNter 486 Brasserie

The HUNter 486 Brasserie is located within the Arch Hotel.

The Arch is a boutique hotel with a very exclusive feel.  Upon entering you feel as though you have entered a rather rich uncles house but it isn't flashy, just tasteful.  The HUNter 486 Brasserie has the same type of atmosphere, there is an eclectic mix of pots and pans hanging from the ceiling and display cabinets filled with pretty olive oil bottles.

We were greeted by an enthusiastic waiter who asked for our drinks order immediately.  The service was incredibly efficient throughout the meal.  We were offered warm bread rolls and if they were not home made, they certainly tasted as though they were.  I ordered an asparagus salad with a poached duck egg.  It was delicious and the egg was perfectly poached.  For my main course I had Chicken "Hunter Style."
The asparagus salad had been delicious but it was completely over shadowed by the "Hunter Style" chicken.  The chicken was incredibly tender and all the flavours were absolutely perfect.  It was a 'warm dish' one that makes you feel comfortable and content.  By the time we had finished our main course, we were incredibly enthusiastic about HUNter 486 but nothing would prepare us for what was coming next.

I'm a chocolate fiend, I love chocolate but the HUNter Chocolate Fondant was another level of chocolate delight.  When the pudding arrived I was expecting it to be pretty good but it was incredible, to the extent that I am salivating at the thought of it. The fondant was perfectly cooked, so that when you stuck your fork in, chocolate oozed out.
Just as we thought there was not a chance we could ever eat again, these were placed before us, petit fours.

The service at HUNter 486 is impeccable and the food is delightful, I strongly advise trying it out (

Miss Jones

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