Friday, 7 June 2013

Camels on the Embankment in London

Imagine my surprise when I came across two camels in London!

I was driving down the embankment, near Battersea Bridge and I came across two camels standing on the pavement.  They were standing very close to a church so perhaps the lumpy horses were waiting for the bride and groom?  Or maybe one of the wedding guests only likes to travel by camel?  There may not have even been a wedding.

Perhaps one of the congregation of the church had decided not to drive, walk or use public transport anymore but in fact just ride a camel to his destination.  Maybe the camel riding folk did not actually attend the church at all but just happened to stop by a church.

Regardless of why the camels were in fact there, it was a rather funny site and it's curiosities like this that makes living in London quite so fun!

Miss Jones xxx


Christopher Sandilands said...

Ha! Was it bank holiday Saturday in May? It was a friend's wedding. Peripheral Moroccan heritage!

Miss Jones said...

Yes it was! How funny - my guess was right!

Christopher Sandilands said...

Hilarious. Sadly I missed it but my mother said it was pretty awesome!

Georgia Gillies said...

I was the bride! They were our camels and absolutely marvellous. It started as a joke which then became real an they completely made the day. They made everyone, guests, passers by, those in traffic, smile. X

Miss Jones said...

That is wonderful! Congratulations Georgia! They certainly made me smile! x