Thursday, 20 June 2013

Keeping fit this summer!!

London may not be the best city for great weather, but it does have some amazing parks and faculties to stay in shape this summer. You may not like the physical aspect of keeping fit, and there's many recipes and indoor activites to stay fit!


Parks are the best location to go for a jog and do some long paced running. There are so many routes and scenery that it will be enjoyable. If you don't see it that way you should grab a partner and jog together this is always seen more enjoyable and fun.


This is the most calming and peaceful exercise you can come across likewise with meditating. This is not as strenuous as running or cardio but it will definitely keep the stress off and help maintain a positive and more peaceful lifestyle.


As the weather slowly gets warmer the swimming pool doesn't seem as frightening; swimming is a great way to enjoy as a group and to practise a new skill. If swimming is not reall of your taste maybe you could visit the sauna to steam your skin and hair.


Grab yours or a Borris bike and get cycling! It's such an amazing feeling and experience as the wind brushes through your hair and face. Cycling can sometimes be tedious but make it fun try different routes go with friends as they say two is always better than one!

Have fun with fruits!

Fruits can sometimes be so boring to eat but why not turn it into a smoothie! Smoothies are a great way to get your 5 a day of fruit and veg in one go. It contains so much nutrients that it will definitely have your body feeling refresh, revived and re-energised. So check online for a variety of smoothie recipes!


A multivitamin a day will keep the doctors away! They are another great source of nutrients in a tinier form and are so simple to consume. Taking vitamins saves you having to eat your worse fruit or veg.


Getting involved with a sport is fun, enerygetic and fulfilling. Not only are you keeping fit but you are always learning a self- fulfilling skill which can develop into a great achievement. There are so many sports to get involved in London especially just having hosted the Olmpics. You have the choice of indoor, outdoors or even water sports. Try something new, you might surprise yourself at how awesome you are it.


Miss Jones xx 

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