Thursday, 20 June 2013

Boring Weekends

These days are probably the most calmest and peaceful days of the week, and a great day to relax. As summer is here and the weather is looking brighter, these are the best days to head down to the market and to grab an awesome bargain!

Brick Lane Market- Shoreditch, E1 6PU

This market is filled with a variety of stuff from food, clothes and furniture! Every sunday this market is packed out, as it is such a great place to chill and see a different side of London. Brick Lane is best known for selling unique clothes and jewellery and quirky vintage stores. Some parts of Brick Lane is world famous for their graffiti so don't leave your camera behind! This place has an eclectic vibe with live music and creates a welcoming atmosphere. 

 Spitalfields Market- Brushfield Street, E1 6AA

This market is very close to Brick Lane, however it is more than a market. It has a variety of shops and restaurants that you will be drawn the second you walk in. Specifically on Saturdays they have a Saturday style market, so all you fashion lovers head down to Spitalfields market any saturday.

Portobello Road Marke- W10 5TA

This is one of the most famous markets in the world it's a popular tourist desitnation as well. The market goes through the centre of Notting Hill, the area of the famous film 'Notting Hill' and the Notting Hill Carnival. Every Saturday from 9am to 7pm this market is alive and filled with an array of things; antiques, fruit & veg, fashion & second hand goods that you would always leave buying at least one thing!

Broadway Market- E8 4QB

On Saturdays this market is a collection of tastes and cultures: shops, stalls, pubs, restaurants and cafes all crammed into the little East End street beteen the Regent's Canal and London Fields. This place is great to chill in a relaxing environment, with the canal nearby they feature a book shop on water something unique! Everything is fresh and organic you won't be disappointed; nearby the there are some Borris bikes so you can even take a ride down the canal or a stroll which could lead you all the way to Canary Wharf!

Camden Market- NW1 8NH

This open air market is London's most famous, filled with a variety of shops, restaurants and stalls representing a variety of food and cultures. Surrounding the market there is a sea of entertainment that you would not be bored theatres, cinemas, bars and clubs. You could even make it a day to night event as there is always something to do in Camden. The great thing about this market is that it's open everyday 10am-6pm so you could even visit in the weekday!

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