Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Miss Jones at A Chorus Line at the London Palladium

High kicks, glitter and sparkle were all at the Palladium in Argyll Street last night when we took our Miss Jones members to see A Chorus Line. 

What a wonderful night.  It started off with everyone meeting outside the Palladium and handing out tickets etc.  Introductions were made and everyone chatting and mixing (always a good sign).  Once the tickets were all handed out there was still time to grab a little drink at the bar. Always a good thing! 

Then it was time to take our seat.  Thanks to AKA Ticket Agency we had superb seats in the stalls at the front of the theatre.  We just got to our seats and the lights went down and the show began. 

What a show.  A Chorus Line covers all areas of emotions, laughter, sadness, tears, frustration, etc. It is not a lavish set.  It is what it says, A Chorus Line.  It is based on an audition for a chorus line of a new show.  A group of characters are there from the start, there is the one that is getting older and may not have another chance, a gay one that is struggling to make his way, a bitchy one and an ensemble of ones that are young wannabes and be in the bright lights of Broadway. 

John Partridge (Christian, from Eastenders) who plays the questioning Director is brilliant.  This show is based on how he manipulates, questions and breaks the people auditioning. He would be up in front of an employment tribunal today!!  

Towards the end of the show one of the dancers falls and hurst his leg.  It makes the Director question them all as to what they would do if they could no longer dance?  This leads to a beautiful song called What I did for Love.  It is a song that will resonate for anyone that has followed a passion in their life be it acting, singing, dancing etc.  There is nothing else and they have all done it for the love of it. 

Then it happens, the finale.  The bit that gets you standing in your feet clapping your hands off - One Singular Sensation.  The ones that have made it through the auditions come out in their final triumphant gold suits and top hats looking incredible. 

A Chorus Line really is an incredible show and one that fills your heart with joy, makes you escape your day to day life for a few hours and works so well on the big stage at the Palladium.  

You don't have to take my word about it, have a look below at some of the comments from our members who were there last night: 

Thank you so much for inviting me to such a super eve - was truly fabulous! *jazz hands* 
Emma Kernan-Staines, The FA

Thank You for a lovely evening Miss Jones at 'A Chorus Line ', London Palladium xx
Justina Parry, Sony Music 

Thanks for the special treat this evening. Very enjoyable evening. X
Jean Richardson, Craigwan 

Thank you Miss Jones for organising a great night out and seats that were 6 rows from the front - superb. Xx
Jackie Barry, Bechtel 

If you get the chance to go, you really must. 


Miss Jones xx 

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