Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ralph Lauren Fashion Show At The Arts Club Mayfair

Last night I attend the Arts Club in Mayfair for the Ralph Lauren Fashion Show.

As we entered the event we were offered champagne and a range of cocktails.  There was a selection of bags on display that all the ladies were going mad over.  Armed with cocktails we began browsing.  The bags were incredible, as were their price tags!

A big crowd had gathered for the event, including Kimberley Garner from Made in Chelsea and her beautiful family.  Soon the fashion show began, the clothes were amazing but there were two particularly beautiful items that stood out for me.  One was a black jacket with gold detailing:

The other was a beautiful white dress, with a low back and a red rose on the side:
Both dresses were stunning.  However I unfortunately left the event empty handed as they were slightly over my budget!

Miss Jones xxx

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Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Jones.... a friend of mine loves this dress and wants it for her wedding - do you know where to buy it from? Thanks