Tuesday, 7 May 2013

It's Not About The Money, Money, Money. It's Just About The Wallet, Wallet, Wallet!

Yesterday I was invited on a rather normal sounding mission.  I was asked to meet a male friend in Harrods and help him locate a wallet.  However, though this may seem very easy (especially as he has a rather big budget) there was a twist.  The twist was he did not want a wallet which advertised someone else's name.

We spent hours wandering through the aisles, picking up wallets and as quickly discarding them as they bore 'Tom Ford' in huge letter, or 'Paul Smith', or 'Polo Ralph Lauren'.  We ended up asking the sales assistant whether there was a man's wallet in the whole shop which did not bare someone else's name.  The sales assistant had never seen such a thing within Harrods.  So, we carried on the search ourselves.

We finally managed to find a wallet, though it did still bare someone else's name it was inside rather than outside.  It was Harrods own, which is rather like Tesco's own apart from slightly more pompous.  We brought this nearly plain wallet for some large sum of money and wandered out the door.  My male friend started excitedly transferring his cards and money, only to notice that as he put in a card the whole wallet ripped.

Now, entirely exhausted after the wallet mayhem we trudged our way back into the shop and had to start the whole mission again.


Miss Jones xx

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