Friday, 12 April 2013

Nicholas at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower - a hidden gem for nails and blow drys.

Nails, nails, nails.  Finding a great place to get your nails done is always hard.  You find a great place and then that nail technician leaves etc and they never look the same.  Well I have found them! 

I am a true gel nail girl and due to lots of running around I had not had time to get them soaked off.  Luckily I was at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel and my business partner suggested that I pop up to see the lovely girls at Nicholas's salon on the second floor of the hotel.  So off I went. 

I am so thankful I did.  Nicholas and his team of lovely women, sat me down, fussed over me and gave me one of the best manicures I have ever had.  They soaked off the gel and made my nails as good as new again, which is difficult when you have gel done.  They then proceeded to shape and buff my nails  (they even looked amazing without polish!).  Then out came the red nail polish and it was applied with grace and ease.  It was amazing. I skipped off to my event with lots of people admiring my nails....

Nicholas is such a lovely man and understands what a woman needs to make her skip out of a salon.  The girls are talented, warm and friendly which is hard to find in London. 

I cannot recommend Nicholas's salon highly enough. 

You can call Nicholas on 020 7235 1234. 


Miss Jones xx

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Wendy Ward said...

wow !! what a hidden treasure, whenever i'm in london i have to pop into these guys for abit of pampering. the lovely zoe is just the best for my manicures and pedicures