Friday, 12 April 2013

Miss Jones eats pizza...

A few weeks ago I went for a very lovely and very delicious meal at Rossopomodoro on the Kings Road. I have to say my hopes weren't set very high - they never really are with Italian restaurants I always think they're a bit hit and miss. So I just decided to enjoy dressing up and to have a nice meal with a good friend. 

But...Rossopomodoro was a find! The meal was delicious and the restaurant ambiance was great! I dithered for a while between pizza and pasta and eventually made a very wise choice and went for a pizza. I had a four seasons-esq pizza with toppings to include ricotta, Italian sausage, Parma ham, olives and mushrooms. It was yummy scrummy and I worked my way through the whole thing! And a few glasses of wine! 

The restaurant itself had always caught my eye because it has one of those huge, rustic pizza ovens in an open air kitchen. When you see a pizza oven like that you know the pizza has gotta be good! 

I would highly recommend this restaurant to visit with friends or if you're going on a date.

Miss Jones xx

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