Sunday, 7 April 2013

Miss Jones wins on the Grand National...

I arrived safely in Austria yesterday afternoon and am already feeling very relaxed. We spent the afternoon drinking lots of tea, eating yummy apple buns (home cooked by my Nanny) and we then went for a very slow walk around their beautiful village in the gorgeous fresh air.

But the end of the afternoon was rather exciting! We put all the horses that were running in the Grand National into a pot along with €5 each! We each blindly pulled six horses out the pot and those were our horses for the race. Whoever had the horse that came first would win €20, second and third place would win €5 each - a rather large sum of prize money!!

Watching the race was very tense! Especially when the jockeys fell off the poor horses - only 17 out of the 40 who started made it to the finish line! I am very proud to say that my horse came in second so I am now the proud owner of €5 - I will have to go on a very serious shopping trip in the village shop! Nanny's horse came first and Grandad's third.

What a perfect first day to my holiday! Today we are planning a walk in the mountains and lots of tea and cake - so look out for tomorrow's blog!

Miss Jones xx 

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