Monday, 8 April 2013

Miss Jones goes to a village in the valley...

Yesterday was another perfect day in the Alps! We woke up bright and early and wrapped up warm (thermals and all) as we were heading up high in the mountains for a walk and of course a coffee and some cake!

We drove up to a valley called Kals - the journey was a bit hair raising as we had to drive up a very windy road right on the edge of the mountain! I had to shut my eyes for most of the way. But when the road became more flat, and all the crazy, fast, Austrian drivers had overtaken us, I managed to open them and take in the beautiful views. We passed waterfalls, snow, quaint Austrian villages, streams, farm animals, mountain huts and men dressed in lederhosen (the last is a fib but a girl can dream!).

Kals itself was very pretty and we had a delicious hot choccie in a small Austrian Guesthouse. It is a skiing town so we saw plenty of people hurtling down the piste - it didn't quite persuade me to hit the slopes! We also ventured up to see a new 4 star hotel village that had been built to cater for the ski mad tourists. It was very smart but a bit of an eye sore as the style was very modern and didn't quite fit with the traditional Tyrolean village just below it. But we did have a very good lunch in it's restaurant! More food(!) my healthy eating resolution has gone to pot! Oh we'll you're allowed when you're on hols!

So a wonderful day in the fresh air, with lots of yummy food and plenty of time to read my very good book! It was fabulous!

Miss Jones xx

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