Saturday, 6 April 2013

Miss Jones goes on holiday...

Today was a day for me that all of us dread; getting up at 4amfor the airport. TORTURE. No one wants to be up before the sun has risen, fumbling around with suitcases and passports. Enduring the M25 and then checking in and going throughsecurity and all that faff, it’s an ungodly hour when everyone should be tucked up tight in their beds not manoeuvring a bag trolley around a crowded airport. But it had to be done as Miss Jones is off for a very short trip to Austria to see family, snow, mountains, lederhosen and schnitzel.

The airport actually wasn’t too bad, everything went fairly smoothly and I even managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping – quite possibly the only good thing about airports. Hello new Bobbi Brown bronzer! The flight was awful, I would love to say I travelled in style, but instead I was herded onto a packed Easyjet flight full of screaming children and grumpy aircraft staff. I even had to pay an extortionate amount for a very watery cup of tea – disgraceful! Oh to have a private jet...!

But after all that stress and cursing the end result is always perfect; a relaxing week away in a beautiful country with people you love. Bliss! Look out for the blogs over the next few days...Miss Jones may even make it up the slopes for a ski! Now that’s bound to be a disaster!

Miss Jones xx

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