Friday, 5 April 2013

Miss Jones goes shopping for bras...

Last weekend (when I went shopping for my work shoes) I also went shopping for bras. Now girls, you have to agree with me, being fitted for bras isn’t a hugely pleasant experience. It verges on the edge of being damn right awkward and I tend to dread bra fittings as much as I dread the dentist. I.e a lot! But it was time; my current drawer of bras had virtually disintegrated in the washing machine and were all a murky colour of grey – not very sexy, or comfortable for that matter.

So I headed into John Lewis where I was pleased to see there was a very nice sale on all underwear which meant I could probably pick up some bargains. But then the dilemma came – what size do I try on? Each brand seems to fit differently and so across different brands you can be different sizes – so I ended up taking 3 sizes of each bra into the changing room with me. This meant I had about 20 pieces to try on. It was going to be a long day!

I was hugely relieved and thankful to hear that the bra fitting assistant was busy – apparently you have to book these days – so I didn’t have to endure five minutes of torture as she measured me. This also meant I spent a very long time adjusting and re-adjusting, taking off and trying on before I could figure out which was the best fit.

Eventually I did and I managed to walk away with some very lovely and comfortable bras all on sale, namely an Elle Macpherson that was reduced from £30 down to £14- bargain!


Miss Jones xx

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