Monday, 1 April 2013

Miss Jones visits the Shard...

Good Morning everybody, it's another day off - bliss!!

Yesterday I ventured up the tallest building in Western Europe - London's very own Shard! Having a severe phobia of heights this proved to be a terrifying and interesting experience! To get to the Shard we decided to walk all the way from Westminster Bridge to London Bridge, it was a very scenic walk as we walked past the London Eye, the Tate Modern, Shakespeare's Globe and so on. But it was FREEZING and by the time we reached the Shard I felt like my fingers were about to drop off.

So we squeezed in a quick hot choccie to warm up before joining the queue to head up the 69 floors...oh my gosh! We were all herded into the building and joined lots of different queues - a queue to get inside, a queue for ticket inspection, a queue for security, a queue for the elevators...good job us Brits enjoy a good queue! We had to take two lifts to reach the top - one went to the 30-something floor and it travelled 30-something floors in 20 seconds, the second lift whizzed us up to the 69th floor and our lift controller told us that Usain Bolt can actually run faster than our lift was travelling - he can run 8 metres per second! Our measly lift only travelled 6 metres per second - pathetic!

The top wasn't as bad as I had expected, I didn't have an urge to jump off or throw my belongings (or sister) over the edge which is what usually happens. I think that was because you are completely inside - it would be impossible to fall out! The views were beautiful especially over Tower Bridge and the Tower of London and there were lots of photo opportunities! THEN...we walked up another 2 flights of stairs and that's where it got a bit freaky! This bit was outside and I have to admit I started to get a bit panicky! We didn't spend too long up there!

After a very fast lift down again I was glad to have my feet firmly planted on level and low ground! But I would recommend a visit to the Shard it is rather spectacular!


Miss Jones xx

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