Sunday, 31 March 2013

Miss Jones goes on an Easter egg hunt...

Happy Easter Sunday everyone. I hope you are all spending time with your lovely families, organising or completing Easter egg hunts, eating delicious roast dinners and of course stuffing your face full of chocolate eggs - hey it's mandatory.

Hidden City have organised a very exciting Easter egg treasure hunt over London if anyone is stuck on what to do over the four day weekend. It's running until the 7th April and costs £18 per team, teams can range from just 2 of you through to 10. When you sign up you are given a starting point via text and once you arrive you will receive a clue that you have to solve. You text the answer and if it's correct your given your next clue which means moving on to another location and so on and so on. The hunt will take you all over London enabling you to see exhibitions, monuments, gardens, city views - it's a great way to see London and discover new and exciting places.
Winners and successful teams can win various prizes to include chocolate (woohoo) and a breakfast at the Hawksmoor.
I completed a Hidden City Christmas treasure hunt in December and it was so much fun. I saw places in London that I had never seen before and solving the clues was knicker gripping! So I highly recommend a Hidden City Easter treasure hunt if you are looking for something to do!
Miss Jones xx

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