Saturday, 30 March 2013

Miss Jones gets charmed...

My wonderful friend introduced me to a beautiful jewelry designer the other day. Have any of you heard of Annina Vogel? She has a HUGE collection of charms that she has collected on her travels over the years and she incorporates these into her jewelry designs to create the perfect piece for each customer's individual personality or taste. What a cute idea! She also has a collection of already made necklaces under different themes for those who are impatient and want to buy immediately! 

She has all sorts of charms - charms that move - goose laying an egg, toaster which has toast popping up, carousels and cars with wheels that turn. She has charms that can be opened up - jack in the box, treasure chests, Noah's Ark, safe that opens and has money inside, lockets. There are charms that actually work - pen knives, whistle, music boxes, and charms that charm (!) heart, rose, animals, ballet shoes, butterflies, dice, anchors. The list could go on and on! 

Her pieces and charms are stocked in only two places in the UK (and of course her website) Selfridges and Liberty. I think that this is such a perfect gift idea because I think charms are so special to collect over the years. My charm bracelet is certainly filling up because each place I visit and every big event that happens in my life I like to buy a charm to commemorate it. I currently have: a graduation hat, an apple (lived in New York), ballet shoes, a palm tree (holiday in Jamaica), a bath (went to Bath University) to name a few. I will certainly be taking a visit to Selfrides to sift through Annina Vogel's jars of charms as I think my bracelet is in need of a London charm. 


Miss Jones xx

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