Friday, 29 March 2013

Miss Jones buys a handbag...

Good Morning and Happy Good Friday my wonderful PA's  it's a 4 day weekend! Guess what, I did it...I did the crazy and bought myself a handbag from Selfridges on payday! Calm me down!

Yesterday lunch time I power walked to Selfridges on a mission to buy! I then spent a good 20 minutes dithering between Marc by Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors. Back and forth, back and forth! I had to give myself a little talking too, 'Miss Jones, you can do this, you can make a decision'. And then I did! I treated myself to a rather lovely, very grown up and extremely sensible Michael Kors bag - the Hamilton textured leather tote (see piccie below).

After my purchase I had to head down to the No Noise room in Selfridges to reflect on my huge irrational decision and calm myself down! The No Noise room is a rather odd concept; with the idea that the world is a very noisy place as we are constantly being bombarded with information, Selfridges offers their No Noise space for shoppers to go for a quiet moment. You have to remove your shoes and put ALL electrical devices into a locker, you can even put ear plugs in if you like! The room itself is very beige but fairly comfortable, trouble is you can still hear some of the noise from the shop itself - guess that's why you get the ear plugs! Having put my phone into the locker I realised I didn't have any way of telling what the time was so I actually spent the time when I was meant to be calming and reflecting worrying about whether I had taken more than my hour of lunch break.

So I spent minimal time in the No Noise room and strutted back to work with my head held high, I was very proud of my purchase and even more proud of my huge yellow Selfridges bag!

Did anyone else do anything exciting on pay day? If you're looking for a beautiful purchase check out the Pre-Loved page - there's some amazing pieces on there at the moment!


Miss Jones xx

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