Thursday, 28 March 2013

Miss Jones is glad it's pay day!...

Thank goodness, it’s the end of the month which can only mean one thing – PAY DAY! Yippee! As my very good friend always says ‘I have a little too much month at the end of my money’ – that tends to apply to me most months! I’m not so good at budgeting and boy is it expensive living in London!

Trouble is when payday comes around you tend to get so excited that you over spend in the first week of the month and then have to live on beans and fish fingers for the remainder! But that pay day excitement is hard to avoid and hey we only live once!

So what to do after this pay day? Happy hour? Shopping spree? Holiday booking time? I have to say I am in the mood for a shopping trip especially with the summer months (apparently) around the corner! And as I am sure you can tell by my previous blog I am desperate to get away and see some maybe it’s time to book a dream holiday!

Yesterday I persuaded myself to take a trip to Selfridges on my lunch hour to write a dream shopping list for what I could buy come pay day! What a mistake! I wanted it all! I needed Mr Selfridge and his team of wonderful staff to help me pick and choose! But I did set my eyes on some very lovely handbags but being terrible at making decisions it’s going to take me a while to choose. I will keep you updated!

How are you all going to be celebrating? Let me know if you have any cool ideas!


Miss Jones xx

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