Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Miss Jones is missing her iPad

As I am a huge clutz it was inevitable that something was bound to happen to my brand spanking new ipad that I got for Christmas. Low and behold 3 months later it did...a glass from my kitchen cupboard fell straight onto my screen as I was dancing away to some One Direction on Spotify whilst cooking. And in that split second my ipad screen completely smashed and my heart was broken!

On Monday I gave my ipad away to a company who have taken it off to fix the screen for me, it felt like giving away a child! And since then I have been worrying that I’m never going to see it again! Why is it that a silly piece of technology becomes so precious to us!

I can only imagine that it’s because so much of our lives are now on these things! My diary, my emails, my pictures, my writing, my social media apps, banking apps – everything can be done on one device! So giving it away is giving away a huge part of my everyday life! I keep reaching for it and it isn’t there! Gosh I sound sad! But I am secretly praying everyday that this company isn’t a scam and they are truly going to send back my beloved to me! Fingers crossed as soon as possible as I am really missing my Daily Mail App!!!


Miss Jones xx

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Darryl Housand said...

Hello Miss Jones. I understand what you mean about feeling like you gave away a child when you handed your iPad over for repairs. Both my personal and professional matters can be handled on one device, so not having it on me feels like I’m missing a limb. Have you heard from the company about the repairs? I hope you don’t end up having to buy a new one.