Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Miss Jones gets her hormones checked...

Do you cry uncontrollably at certain times of the month, get extra grumpy with your other half, have trouble sleeping, have difficulty remembering things, experience hot flushes, dry skin, anxiety, low confidence...the list could go on and on! Us women don’t have it easy do we! There’s a reason for this! As we age our hormones go out of balance but it DOESN’T have to be this way! We don’t have to suffer anymore!

Ever heard of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy? Probably not, nor had I until the Marion Gluck Clinic became a part of the Miss Jones site. And I’m so glad that they did. Dr Marion Gluck has been practicing in London for the past 4 years; she is the British pioneer in prescribing bio-identical hormones to women all across the country. The Marion Gluck Clinic, founded by Dr Gluck, is located on Wimpole Street and there are three wonderful doctors working at the clinic.

So what is a bio-identical hormone? Bio-identical hormones have the same molecular structure as hormones that you find in the human body and they are completely natural – sourced from Mexican yams and soya beans.  They are much safer than conventional hormone replacement therapy.

During an initial consultation at The Marion Gluck Clinic the doctor will listen to your symptoms and take a blood hormone profile to assess your hormone levels. These blood profiles combined with your medical history and symptoms enable the doctors to prescribe you a bio-identical hormone medication.  All of the hormones that are prescribed come from a specialist compounding pharmacy and they are derived from natural sources. The doctors prescribe either creams or lozenges and each prescription is bespoke to each individual patient. Let me tell you – this stuff works! After all it makes total sense - what better way to feel better than to give back to the body what Mother Nature intended it to have in the first place?!

So if you are suffering in silence you MUST visit this clinic they could change your lifestyle! Click here  to find more information on the clinic on Miss Jones.


Miss Jones xx

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