Friday, 19 April 2013

Miss Jones starts training for the Moon Walk...

I'm starting to get a little worried: in less than a months time Miss Jones is due to carry out the Half Moon walk. This involves walking a half marathon (13 miles) over night wearing just a bra. It is for a very worthy cause and is encouraging all those walking to raise lots of money for breast cancer. Don't get my wrong I am so excited to be part of such an amazing event that I know will be so much fun, I'm just a bit scared about the actual walking part!

So Miss Jones has to do a few things to start training for the big event:

1. Start walking everywhere, walk to work, walk to the shops, walk to yoga. Stop using the smelly, sweaty tube and walk in the sunshine
2. Buy a brand spanking new pair of trainers that will somehow make me a super walker and at the same time look very fashionable.
3. Decorate my bra for the big event - any ideas of how to do this? Let me know; the Miss Jones team should get a theme going!
4. Catch up on sleep before the event, don't want to be falling asleep as I walk through the night
5. Eat lots of protein to build up energy and muscle (pah!)

So wish us luck, come along to cheer us on, and if you are feeling generous please do donate for a very worthy cause.

Miss Jones xx

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