Saturday, 20 April 2013

Miss Jones enjoys some fish and chips...

I tell you what beats any three course dinner, any gourmet fancy meal, any Michelin star restaurant ..... A good old fashioned, traditional fish and chips from a good, greasy fish and chip shop on a Friday night! Last night we had a group of friends round and instead of spending hours whipping together a posh dinner we decided to nip out to grab some fish and chips for everyone. 

Even though it's super unhealthy and not what I should be eating in preparation for the moon walk or for my bikini body - it is so unbelievably delicious! Fish and chips also work so well if you're having a group of friends round and want to have a relaxing, fun night with lots of laughter and not too much effort! Somehow fish and chips make everyone chill out- there are no high expectations, no need to be posh and primp and proper! Perfect I say! 

Now I may be biased but the fish and chip shop just off Ashtead high street is simply the best! So if for whatever reason you are heading down to Surrey and to the little village of Ashtead you have to stop by and try their finest cod and six! London also has it's fair share of fish and chip shops so find yourself a local and treat yourself every now and then!

Miss Jones xx


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