Monday, 15 April 2013

Miss Jones goes to the park and has a Snog...

So how did you all enjoy the sunny Sunday! It felt very liberating I thought. Suddenly all us glum Brits were happy, and had (shock horror) ventured out of the house, shielding our eyes from this new thing called the sun as if we had just come out of hibernation. I went on a wonderful walk through Hyde Park where, believe it or not, I had never actually been even though its just down the road! It felt like every man and his dog was in the park but it was so much fun people spotting, dog spotting, outfit watching and lounging in the glorious sunshine on the still slightly damp grass!

I also treated myself to a yummy Snog, not with a lovely man but from the famous frozen yoghurt shop. It was delicious and went perfectly with the balmy weather. I chose the natural flavour with strawberries and raspberries on top - mmm! You all have to try it if the weather sticks around!

So lets hope this sunshine stays with us as Britain is certainly a much happier place when it decides to come out!

Miss Jones xx

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