Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Miss Jones goes to the ESPA Spa at the Corinthia Hotel...

On Saturday I had a wonderful, pampering, relaxing day at the most amazing spa in The Corinthia Hotel near Embankment. The ESPA spa claims to be the biggest in Europe as it spans across 4 floors of the hotel. It was absolutely stunning with walls of black marble, ivory white mosaics and calming music to help you empty your mind of any stresses and commotion. 
I was lucky enough to have a personalised massage (costs £95 for 50 minutes), my masseuse had a short consultation with me first to understand my lifestyle and she then tailored the massage to my emotional and physical needs. She used sensual smelling oils and hot stones across my back, shoulders, scalp and neck and it was just amazing, it completely relaxed me - just what I needed! 
After my massage I was free to use the rest of the spa's facilities. Donned in my very attractive robe and slippers I made my way down to the thermal floor where I spent a good two hours enjoying all it had to offer! I let off steam in the very steamy and very hot steam room, relaxed in the amphitheatre style sauna, cooled off using the ice fountain, sat in the jet pool whilst very strong water jets massaged me to the max and reclined on marble heated sunbeds. Absolute bliss! In fact I didn't want to leave and if it wasn't for the fact that I had started to resemble a very wrinkly prune and had dinner arrangements I think I would have stayed well in to the evening!
The spa offers lots of therapies and it is definitely worth a visit if you need a YOU day!
Miss Jones xx

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