Sunday, 14 April 2013

Miss Jones goes to Bounce...

And look our dreams have come true the sun has come out! I am about to venture outside for the first time in ages without a big coat, scarf and gloves! Last night I went out on the town with my girlies! We wen to Bounce in Holburn.

Bounce is very similar to Ping (if you read my blog a few week ago) it is a restaurant stroke bar stroke ping pong centre! We went for dinner and drinks but unfortunately didn't play any ping pong as you had to pay to play! Outrageous! But, despite this, the dinner and drinks at Bounce were lovely. I had a delicious salami pizza and lots of yummy, fruity cocktails which went down a treat. The music was also good; lots of R and B - my favourite! But there wasn't a real dance floor as such it was more of a bar atmosphere than a club atmosphere.

I would recommend Bounce if you are looking for some nice cocktails and a fun night out with your friends. But if you are looking to go clubbing and for some more 'hardcore' drinking and a game of ping pong definitely go to Ping!

Off out into the sunshine now...

Miss Jones xx

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