Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Miss Jones goes to market...

Have any of you been to Duke of York Square over the weekend? It's a hive of activity and the square is transformed, packed full of market stalls. 

If you are looking for some fresh ingredients for your weekly meals, for some scrumptious cakes or bread, for the finest cheese or simply to grab some lunch - then this is the place to go! All of the produce on sale is so fresh and looks so delicious, and the best part is many of the stalls have samples so you can try before you buy! 

The stalls to buy hot food are fantastic too and there are all different cuisines tucked in amongst each other - curry, burgers, Jamaican, Moroccan take your pick! My only problem is I get so caught up in the market atmosphere I want to buy everything! So i would advise you to take a limited amount of cash so you don't get carried away! 

If it is sunny the square becomes a real sunspot so you can bask in the rays after your hustling bustling shopping trip! Let me know if you head on down and tell me of any fab purchases! 

Miss Jones xx

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