Monday, 22 April 2013

Miss Jones gets an ice cream...

When the sunshine comes out and the weather is feeling warm what’s the best thing to get...?! ICE CREAM! Luckily I currently live just down the road from an Italian ice cream shop called Scoop and let me tell you it is delicious!

They describe the ice cream as natural luxury. It is natural because they use organic ingredients with the temperature being the only preservative – does that count as healthy I think so! And maybe even one of our five a day (perhaps that’s a little bit wishful thinking!) The luxury part comes from the variety of flavours as Scoop uses ingredients from all over the world so you get all of the wonderful vibrant tastes. And finally....the ice cream is produced daily in-store so you know it’s gotta be fresh! Who knew ice cream could be so incredibly amazing!
My favourite flavours have to be the coconut and raspberry in a crunchy waffle cone. I tend to also be a vanilla girl if I’m not feeling so adventurous and their vanilla doesn’t disappoint! They have lots of flavours to choose from and it really does feel that you’re on the streets of Rome tasting the finest Italian gelato!
So when the weather is next hot and you’re in the mood for a treat, go and find an ice cream shop and enjoy one of life’s little luxuries!
Miss Jones xx

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