Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Miss Jones goes for dim sum...

Last night I went for a light, early dinner with one of my closest friends. We met in Waterloo as it was slap bang in the middle of our workplaces. Whilst walking towards the Southbank we stumbled across Ping Pong and decided to venture in.

Ping Pong is a dim sum restaurant that is very true to dim sum you find in Asian countries. They use steam to cook most of their dim sum (the same way it is prepared in Asian countries) and the interior is very similar to an Ancient Chinese tea house, so you really feel like you have entered somewhere very traditional and very cultural!

We had a two person sharing menu which cost £29. For this reasonable price we got: chicken wonton soup, pork pastry rolls, duck spring rolls, potato cakes, pork buns, seafood dumplings, chicken shu mai, spicy vegetable dumplings and prawn and scallop rice – enough to feed  small army! Each dish was delicious and it was so much fun sharing and picking at what we fancied! Alongside this we had two very fruity and refreshing cocktails and we even managed to squeeze in a dessert – some frozen berries covered in warm white chocolate – oh my gosh heavenly!

I would highly recommend Ping Pong if you like dim sum or if you want to try dim sum that is very true to the traditional way it is made in its home country! It was reasonably priced, 
had a buzzy atmosphere and yummy food.

Miss Jones xx

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