Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Miss Jones buys some work shoes...

I quite like shopping for and wearing work clothes! Luckily most high street shops recognise that most of the UK spend the majority of their week going to work and thus desperately need comfortable, affordable and most importantly STYLISH work clothes to purchase! This means that the likes of Zara, H&M, Topshop and so on have huge sections in their store dedicated only to smart and sophisticated work clothes - fab! But... I find it SO difficult to purchase and find the perfect work shoe.

Commuting in heels isn't easy, cobbled streets, uneven pavements, escalators, crowds of people - none of this bodes well for strutting down the platform in super high stiletto heels! But wearing flats can make you look frumpy and I also find them incredibly uncomfortable and I have a secret dread for those people who commute in trainers and change into heels in the office. So what to do!?

Last weekend I went on a shopping mission to find the perfect work shoe and I think I did. Instead of trying on the super high heels which is what I usually automatically go for I started looking at the mid-height heel and I was pleasantly surprised. The shoes were all quite fashionable! I ended up buying a pair of mid-height heeled court shoes from Marks and Spencer - I KNOW Marks and Spencer! But they had a surprisingly good range of shoes, and they were reasonably priced.

So now I can make my way to work in style and in minimal pain!


Miss Jones xx

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