Sunday, 3 March 2013

Shoreditch and champers - a Miss Jones girlie night out...

Feeling a little worse for wear this morning: sore feet, slight headache, faded stamp on my hand. It can only mean one thing - Miss Jones was out on the town last night!

It was one of my best girlfriends birthdays so we all dressed up to the nines and pulled on our stiletto heels. We did our hair, make up, nails and we were ready to go! 

We were heading out in Shoreditch which I was a little dubious about; I don't think I'm quite trendy enough for the bars there. But after a few glasses of champagne I had my confidence back! We ended up in a pub called The Horse and Groom which cost £4 to get in - since when do you pay to go into a pub! I reluctantly handed over the money, got my stamp (which was almost as big as Cheryl's tattoo) and headed inside. 

I have to say these are my favourite nights out, when you're with all your girlfriends and you just dance the night away. We certainly soon forgot we were in a slightly smelly dingy pub - I think the G & Ts helped with that! Unfortunately the music in the bar we chose was a little different to what we usually like (no Rihanna, Beyonce and certainly no Girls Aloud) but we managed anyway and boogied the night away. 

So today I am recovering and saying 'never again' even though I know deep down that that's a huge fib and I'm already planning my next night out with all my friends!

What did you all get up to last night?

Miss Jones xx

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