Friday, 22 March 2013

Miss Jones watches Masterchef...

Last night I sat down with my shop bought cannelloni and a side of oven fries (very naughty I know). I switched on the TV and Masterchef shot into light. I immediately felt ashamed as if Greg Wallace and John Torode could see me scoffing my face full of less than gourmet food. My palette certainly doesn't live up to their high standards and not does my cooking for that matter!
But boy what a programme, I was hooked! Your heart really races for all of these poor contestants who are put under so much pressure being asked to perform palette tests, cook in a fully functioning restaurant kitchen, cook a dish from a certain set of ingredients...the poor things I would have cracked at the word go! Only trouble is it makes you super hungry and desperate to taste all the delicious meals that the contestants whip together. In fact I got extremely jealous of Greg and John (the presenters) they basically have the ultimate dream job - all they do is eat! How can I get this job! Better start cooking for a start!
So now I'm inspired, time to get out my Delia, put on my chefs hat and start cooking myself some yummy, healthy meals. If you're all looking for inspiration as well check out the recipe section of the website - there's some corkers on there!
Miss Jones xx

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