Saturday, 23 March 2013

Miss Jones has a little secret...

Have any of you ever heard of Postsecret? The concept is really special and very inspiring. Postsecret was started by Frank Warren who had an idea for an art project. He handed out blank post cards back in 2005 to hundreds of people and asked them to write their secrets on and send them back to him. He uploaded 10-20 of the secrets on to a Blogspot site every Sunday.

The idea really took off and now Frank receives post cards from all over the world in all languages telling him people's deepest and darkest secrets. He still updates his site every Sunday but he has also published books containing his favourite secrets which are available in all major book shops. His post box has become a tourist attraction and his mail woman a legend!

What is amazing about the concept is that it has brought people together into what he calls a 'post secret community'. The secrets inspire people, help people through difficult times and urge people to find help when they need it. Even Miss Jones has sent in her secret...all the way to America! So check out Frank's website I promise you won't be disappointed. And see some examples of secrets posted below:


Miss Jones xx

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