Sunday, 24 March 2013

Miss Jones goes for dinner on a house boat...

A few weeks ago me and my friend stumbled across a very exciting concept – a home cooked dinner on a lady’s houseboat. We rang her up and booked an evening to go for a three course meal on her floating home. It cost £40 for the three courses and a bottle of wine and she spent a while talking to us to find out our likes/dislikes cuisine wise. She then went and bought all of the fresh ingredients and spent the day cooking in preparation for our arrival.
Her houseboat was moored in Regents Canal, we arrived at 6.30pm sharp and she came to greet us at the entrance to the houseboat community. She was very friendly and gave us a huge hug hello! She was decked out very fashionably in wellies and a pinny. All of the houseboats looked amazing, so quaint and peaceful. She had stories about each of them and it seems that everyone spends time on each other’s houseboats – a real neighbourly feeling! Her houseboat was so cute; she had random bits and pieces hanging from the walls that she had collected on all of her travels. She even had a bath! But using the toilet was a very complicated affair!
She cooked us a delicious fish pie for our main, with hummus and breads to start and meringue, fruit and ice cream for dessert. She had everything prepared on her friend’s houseboat so while we were eating our courses she left us in peace. It was a truly magical experience I have never done anything like it before. I can’t describe how charming the houseboat was – you have to go and check it out. The food was yummy and the atmosphere was perfect! We are hoping to go back in the summer months for another wonderful evening.
Miss Jones xx

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