Thursday, 14 March 2013

Miss Jones plays ping pong...

Are you trying to plan your weekend and struggling for places to go? Fancy a girly night out with wine, high heels and plenty of dancing? Then you MUST go to Ping in Earls Court.

Ping is a bar with a twist, not only does it play old school classic R and B (i.e. TLC No Scrubs, R Kelly Ignition) it also has three fully functioning ping pong tables. This means that come 2am, when you’ve been through more Cosmo’s than all the characters of Sex and the City put together, you can attempt to play a game of ping pong. As you can imagine this tends to end in disaster with games being played across table and balls (don’t laugh girls) being pelted here there and everywhere. But it is so much fun and everyone is in good spirits.

Also the ping pong tables double as beer pong tables, so if you are feeling adventurous you can buy a pitcher of beer and set up a good old USA game. Perfect night out I hear you cry, my only complaint was the last time I went I arrived in plenty of time to qualify for free entry (before 11:00pm) but they kept me in the queue for so long by the time I was at the front I had to pay £10 to get in – outrageous, but soon forgotten as I signed my name up to play a late night game of ping pong!

So get on your dancing shoes, and your ping pong hat and head to Ping this weekend – let me know what you think!


Miss Jones xx

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