Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Miss Jones goes for an all American dinner...

On Thursday night I went for a scrumptious dinner to the restaurant attached to the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill called Electric Diner. The Electric Cinema is an old school cinema that has stayed very true to the building’s long history and offers a unique cinema experience. I have been keen to go for a long time, sadly on Thursday I didn’t make it into the cinema itself but my dinner was worth the visit.

The restaurant was buzzing but the waitress managed to squeeze us in at the bar top which meant we had a full view of the chefs cooking all of the dishes. I ordered honey fried chicken with chilli and sesame seeds and a side of hash browns - perfect comfort food! I also had a rather odd but yummy cocktail I believe it had gin in it - that's all a girl needs!!

The food was delicious, very simple, typical diner food but it felt gourmet and definitely was something special...it’s not just a hot dog...it’s an Electric Diner hot dog! I wolfed down my chicken and hash browns and even had room to steal some fries from my date. The interior was decked out exactly like the diners in America, with plastic covered deep red seats set aside in private booths.

Next time I definitely want to go back and check out the cinema, they have some great films showing over the next couple of weeks including new releases and old classics.

I will update you as soon as I make it back, a little birdy also tells me they sell freshly made doughnuts there...I will be returning very soon!


Miss Jones xx

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