Monday, 18 March 2013

Miss Jones discovers her skin type...

After that terrible rainy weekend I was hoping we could have a little bit of sunshine, just a tiny bit!  It is mid March after all!

I was really hoping to wear my new dress, it’s that trendy sixties style with a cute coquettish cut... but what a surprise – it’s raining in London.  So, rather than wearing my new pretty dress, I am stuck wearing a cosy hoodie to try and shield myself from the terrible weather.

Whilst sipping my Tea (trying desperately to warm myself up), I browsed through a magazine. Half way through the glossy pages I came across a free sachet.  I love it when you get free things in magazines.  I got a range of energizing day creams; each one is for a different skin type.   The problem is I don’t know what type of skin type I have?!  Which of those hundreds of types describes mine? 

I’ve decided to find out and help you realize what type of skin you have too.

May I present you the five different skin types - there are...

...The FRAGILE skin type:

You have dry skin and sometimes the area around your nose and mouth goes slightly pink.  Your skin’s barrier is at fault, let's say, it's weak. So especially in winter when it's cold outside your skin feels papery and your expression lines will stay longer then you would like them to.

...The IMBALANCED skin type:

This type of skin often gets breakouts. You've noticed them on your chin, cheeks and jawline. Depending on your monthly cycle, your skin is changing constantly and is switching from greasy to dry. Use creams for imbalanced skin.

...The DE-ENERGISED skin type:

For the most part, your skin is easy to manage, but it can look dull, sometimes taking on a grey or yellow tone. It doesn't react to changes in climate or hormonal fluctuations and you rarely get breakouts.

...The REACTIVE skin type:

Your skin is prone to hypersensitivity. It's quick to react and becomes inflamed with new products. It could have a tendency towards eczema, becoming very dry in harsh climates by peeling or overproducing sebum.

...The OVER-ACTIVE skin type:

You're plagued by the overproduction of sebum and the excess oil causes blocked pores, which trap bacteria and pollution on the surface. It's tough to manage and never seems clean enough.

Now that you have had a look in the mirror and you know your skin type, do something good for your skin.  Have a look on our partner pages on the Miss Jones website to find a relaxing spa where you can enjoy some delicious luxurious treatments.  Bring yourself back to you.


Miss Jones xx

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