Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Miss Jones dreams of a summer holiday...

Summer sun and warm weather seems like another world doesn't it? It feels like a million miles away, even though spring should really be just around the corner. I feel paler than a white slice of bread and keep daydreaming of drinking piƱa coladas next to a pool somewhere with palm trees.

My BFF also just came back from St Lucia so I have mega holiday and tan envy, she said the rum punch there was cheaper than Diet Coke - sounds like paradise! I think it's time to start planning a short sunny break away in April or May...but where to go?!

Here are the options (my bucket list is much longer and more exciting than this, but holiday days at work and funds are limiting me to the following !):
1. A week in the South of France over Cannes Film Festival in May, guaranteed sun and lots of partying
2. A weekend away with girlfriends to Barcelona in June or July, lots of historical sites, sun and cocktails
3. A week away on a yoga retreat in Italy....a slightly more relaxing option, time to focus on myself and my very important tan
4. A week in Morocco (surprisingly cheap flights and hotels) buzzing markets, a new culture and sun sun sun

The list could go on and on...what do you all think? Where should Miss Jones head off to, bearing in mind you'd get daily updates!? Have any of you got some amazing holidays planned?

If you are trying to plan a holiday head to the travel and holiday part of the site for some inspiration!
Miss Jones xx

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