Wednesday, 6 March 2013

It’s not about swing a pair of dumbbells...

‘The distance between who I am and who I want to be is separated by only my words and actions.’  In my own training I am currently powering away with strength and conditioning sessions outside of my running, boxing and swimming. 

Let’s get it out straight away; this will NOT make you bulky and big –the only thing that is bulky and big is this huge misconception.

If you think about it so many men pump weights and drink protein shakes like they are going out of fashion desperately trying to get big and muscular and they have a higher level of testosterone than women which helps them too. So by you, presuming you are of the female sex reading this, adding strength work into your life it will not make you big.

 It will increase your metabolism (you can eat more without putting weight on), tighten everything up (get rid of the flabby bits), strengthen your bones (prevent Osteporosis) and reduce body fat (need I say more). By the way we aren’t talking about swinging a pair of dumbbells all over the place whilst grunting in the middle of a gym...just using your own body weight will get you perfect results – and you can do it anywhere you are daring enough to show your womanly strength.

Despite all the positives on look and feel, it will also help prevent injury and postural problems including your back and hips.

If you are sat in an office based environment doing little muscle activations throughout the day can make a huge difference and achieve the benefits above. Challenge yourself to do at least one of the below today.

Every time you get up from your chair squeeze your bum, don’t use your arms to help you get up, use your bum and leg muscles only and then do a little squat as if you are going to sit back down but don’t sit back down – and carry on with what you are doing. You have just switched on your bum, tummy and leg muscles and made them work.

At your desk whilst you are reading something on your computer - sit up straight (don’t arch your back), squeeze your tummy muscles and put your arms out in front of you at shoulder level and then out to the side, again shoulder level – hold – you should start to feel it – hold as long as you like and repeat throughout the day. Don’t worry about people looking at you; you are the one that will have nice arms, shoulders and upper back.

If you are feeling extra brave and fancy a bit of a giggle, when you walk in the office to make a cuppa or go to the toilet, take your shoes off and walk there on your tip toes – squeeze all you leg muscles, your bum and tummy. On your return, walk on your heels, again, squeezing like you’ve never squeezed before. This will activate all your lower body and tone up, plus make you smile – it is much harder than it sounds and will even increase your heart rate.

Lastly one for the gym, use the thigh weights machine, 3 sets of 10 on the inner thigh and the same on the outer thigh. It may look a bit ‘girly’ however half of the men in the gym wouldn’t be able to it. This is so important for knee and hip stability and it really will tone up your thighs very nicely.


Charlie Webster xx 

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