Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Rules of Engagement During the Festive Period

As the silly season is in full swing I thought I might share with you some of the tips I have picked up over the years.

Now don’t get me wrong…the last thing I want to be is a kill joy, I love a festive cocktail as much as the next person, but it’s always good to remember that a night out with your work colleagues is not the same as a night with the girls.  Just remember mates will forgive and hopefully forget, but work colleagues have a habit of bringing things up when you least expect it!

1) Drink Loads of Water

Yes I know we all know this…however it’s not just because it dilutes the impact of the bottle of wine that you are merrily powering through, but also it is great for your skin (well that is my excuse if anyone asks…vino-therapy plus water = happy me and happy skin!).

Always make sure you keep a glass of water (Pelle or Evian of course!) by your right hand, unless you are left handed then obviously keep it on the left, as you will naturally sip from it more if it is within easy reach.

2) Do Not Drink on an Empty Stomach

Again something that we all know, but actually take little notice of.  Going out for drinks straight from work is fraught with 'empty tummy danger', food slows down the absorption of alcohol, allowing you to stay in control of all your bodily functions for longer!

Also, if you are not hungry then there is a better chance of avoiding a sneaky snack on the way home – no matter how classy the vendor, if it looks like a kebab and smells like a kebab then chances are it is over 1500 calories which you will inhale and barely remember in the morning.

3) Beware the Free Bar

I always sit as far as I can from the bar as quite simply this makes it harder for me to get up and keep refilling my glass especially as my counting always seems to go awry after the second drink.  Navigation to and from a free bar can be similar to doing an army assault course in heels.  You not only have to avoid getting soaked by colleagues so excited by the concept of free alcohol that they spill most of it, but you also have to squeeze through spaces that were not intended for human occupation.

4) Snog, Marry, Avoid

There is absolutely no excuse to play this game (you may know it with more explicit names for the three categories).  It is often viewed as a 'fun' ice breaker, however, you never know when something you have said about someone in a moment of intoxication will come back to haunt you in the workplace, so the only advice in this situation is ASF (avoid sniper fire) and step away from the conversation.

5) Be Fashionably Late

By turning up a little later you will naturally drink less than everyone else, thus ensuring that you will always be in a better state than they are!  

However, always remember nothing good happens after 2am…

I really hope that you are enjoying some festive cheer, just remember proceed with caution and don’t torment people the next day with tales of their tipsiness as you never know when they might exact their revenge!


Miss Jones xx

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