Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Office from Office

The Clubhouse is a total revelation...... 

As you can imagine I spend my day running to and from meetings and I cannot always find a location to sit for an hour and go through my e mails etc.  The phone is not the best way to do e mails and I had a very embarrassing situation the other day when I walked into a glass window in a restaurant as I was too busy looking at my e mails on my phone!!  Mortified. 

Sarah from the Miss Jones team introduced me to The Clubhouse today and I am hooked.  I really wish when I had started Miss Jones The Clubhouse had been open as I spent my time having meetings in Starbucks and hotel lobbies etc, not the best places for meetings. 

The Clubhouse offers a luxurious, professional space with complimentary high speed and secure Wifi, refreshments, tea and Nespresso coffee. This is a creative environment where business gets done, and professional relationships can grow and flourish, designed around the needs of today’s business people and entrepreneurs. You can also be a day member as well as a house member etc.  Pure genius to us at Miss Jones. 

It is located in the heart of Mayfair and a perfect place for your bosses to have that private meeting, for you to use if you need more meeting room space and a great place to have that time to think and catch up with all the e mails etc.  

I cannot recommend the team here highly enough.  Keep looking on the Miss Jones site to hear more about The Clubhouse in the coming months. 

If you want to know more please contact meet@theclubhouselondon.com.  Take 5 minutes to have a look at the website which is The Clubhouse  As always with us let them know you heard about The Clubhouse through the Miss Jones blog.  

The Clubhouse also stops embarrassing moments of walking into glass windows!!  

Lots of love

Miss Jones xx 

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