Thursday, 26 May 2011

The long and the short of it at Nicky Clarke

Having been introduced to Nicky Clarke Salon in Mayfair by Miss Jones herself, I arrived at Mount Street with a few butterflies. I'd had the same guy (brilliantly) looking after my hair for the best part of ten years and he's known me from when it was short and spikey to the longest it had been since I was in my twenties! For the last couple of years, I'd simply
had my layers taken up gradually to lighten the load so to speak. I'd even tried a couple of new salons with special deals but still couldn't muster up the courage to change the overall style. Sometimes, you just have to break free!

So, back to Mount Street. I was welcomed by the lovely Ava who made me feel right at home and asked about my hair history (very lazy with it, don't tend to blow dry unless I'm going out somewhere special, use straighteners occasionally, or pin some/all up). I explained that I was
hoping to break free from this routine and whilst I just didn't have the commitment for a time consuming style, I was willing to be brave and go much shorter. Ava held my hair up to give me an idea of what she was aiming for, but said that she hadn't yet decided if the parting would be
left or right! Was I worried .... no of course not! Over to the sink for a super wash, condition and massage - though it now seems rather a shame given the bulk of it was going to be cut off!

The first cut is always the worst but we both said bye-bye to the first 5 inch piece together and then it was a breeze. Ava explained her technique of two stage cutting so the basic style is cut when the hair is wet and then after a quick dry, she finishes the style off with texture cutting.
After this first rough dry, it didn't look half bad, but then she dampened it down again and properly blow dried it with root lift and lots of bounce. I was a bit shell shocked!

The new shape frames my face differently so off we went downstairs to meet the wonderful Kully for a quick eyebrow thread and tint. I can't believe the difference - I thought I was destined to have half pale eyebrows for the rest of my days but this treatment is so
quick and so effective, I'm hooked!

I've had lots of compliments in the past week about my new fab, chic, bob and so far, haven't had any disasters doing it myself. I look forward to my next trim!

Thanks to Miss Jones for the fab referral and recommendation!

A little note from Miss Jones:

The new look is stunning and you look so glamorous!!!

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