Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Are you a bag lady?

I’m a bag girl (okay and purses, shoes, cardigans, accessories and moleskin notebooks…I digress…) and in the last week I have been blessed with not one but two new bags. Ooh, I salivate as I type this to share with you; a Lulu Guiness Large Jenny (in purple) and a Marc by Marc Jacobs macbook bag (brown with a super soft fur lining), both gifts and both TOTALLY necessary.

However, I do think I have a goldfish effect when it comes to bags; if it’s tiny (Lulu G Perspex Lips) then I know I can barely fit in a Clinique lip gloss and oyster card, my blackberry has to be stuffed in my jacket pocket or held in my hand, yet give me something to fill (more a tote size) and I find there are so many more things I need to take out with me; more make up than necessary (I barely touch up), over-sized diary (for my over-sized handwriting), moleskin notebook, pens, canvas tote (so I don’t have to pay Marks and Spencer 5p at lunchtime…), magazine, hat, gloves and so it goes on.

But after watching the Academy Awards it does make me wonder where all the beautiful people put their lipsticks and snacks, barely any of the press pictures showed an overflowing clutch, bulging pockets or tissues stuffed in sleeves or shoulder straps. I like to think their other halves or mothers were left holding a carrier bag of essentials that they stuffed under the seat at the Kodak Theater much like the rest of us do at the Odeon (without the pick ‘n’ mix of course).

To make matters worse, I was also invited to an event at the Carolina Herrera store on Mount street last week. There I found myself surrounded by so many stunning outfits, which goes without saying (plus menswear and childrenswear – even a buggy!) but also, amongst some of the most elegent accessories I’ve seen, there I found beautifully silky soft leather handbags and holdalls… I just couldn’t help but stroke them. I was then talked through the different options of coloured leathers that they could all be made in, hyperventilate wasn’t the half of it.

Handbags Anonymous anyone?

Have a great week,


Miss Jones x

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