Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Miss Jones has moved...

Hello Ladies!!

Miss Jones has a hectic few days!! 

Our HQ has moved! After some wonderful years in the old office we are now located on the Kings Rd, darling!  

After a crazy few days today's blog is full of tips for your office move...organisation is key!

Don’t go it alone: Like it or not, an office relocation is going to cost money. Many office relocations go wrong through companies having a misplaced belief that they can save money by not engaging the services of professional help. But office relocation mistakes can work out to be more costly and sadly these companies have paid the penalty. Conversely, businesses that do work with office relocation professionals including (commercial property agents, property solicitors, office fit-out, IT, Telecoms and office removals) avoid mistakes, save time and get better value for their money.

Start your office relocation planning early: There’s a lot to do and the earlier you start the planning process, the better. Best practice shows that 9-18 months prior to your lease expiry is a reasonable lead-in time, depending on the size of your business. It’s advisable to use this time to prepare an Office Relocation Project Plan which sets out the key dates by which you can work to. There is also a whole range of free, downloadable office relocation checklists, moving office templates and office space calculators for you to use to help plan your office relocation.

Getting the right Office Relocation Project Team together: Putting together the right office relocation project team is crucial. This will need to comprise a suitable and competent office relocation project leader. They must have enough time to devote to the office relocation project, be senior enough to be able to make decisions; be a good organiser of people and processes; have experience of setting and working within budgets; and be a good communicator. Other internal project team members should preferably include some support from Sales, Marketing, HR, IT, & Finance. Read More about an office relocation project team.

Set out a realistic office relocation budget: Preparing an honest and reasonable office relocation budget will help you stay on top of your costs before during and after your office relocation. Start by using the Moving Costs Calculator to help you identify the necessary expenditure of your office relocation.

Use the office relocation to upgrade & review: Moving office is no better time to upgrade to the latest communication technology and upgrade your business phone systems.  Speak to your IT & Telecoms Consultants about suitable options. An office relocation can also provide a trigger to review and /or switch service providers that might lower your costs and increase business efficiency.

Be prepared for the unexpected: An office relocation can be full of surprises … and these are often the ones you are least prepared for!  By planning well ahead of your office relocation and creating a Business Continuity Plan, you will reduce risk, avoid delay and ensure that costly business downtime is minimised.

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