Friday, 8 November 2013

Miss Jones gets weak at the knees...

Miss Jones has been a busy body this week!

We attended the World Travel Fair at the Excel centre where we managed to mingle our way through the crowds and have a picture with the FA cup (yes, we are now in our boyfriend's good books-finally!) walked past a falcon in the Africa section and even rode on a broomstick whilst chatting to the other muggles interested in finding out more about visiting a snowy Harry Potter world this festive season.

Sunday is Remembrance Day and here at Miss Jones we have a small collection of poppy badges as one simply cannot walk past a man in uniform and not helplessly go weak at the knees and surrender to buying not one but a small handful of them badges!

If you are still in need of donating money and saluting our men and women in service, please ensure your pockets are jingling with coins when you leave the office for lunch or to cheers the weekend as there are sellers out on every corner every day until Sunday.

From us at MJ head office, we thank everyone who is a part of the armed forces, past and present and to come. You are all doing an outstanding job and are showing courage on a level higher than anyone of us could ever try to imagine!

Until next time... x

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