Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Yum Yum Choccie Cake - where to get the best

It is always someones birthday in the office and no matter what diet you may be on, be honest, you cannot resist a bit of choccie cake....  In the Miss Jones office is always Colin the Caterpillar from M&S which has made the list below.

Although nothing beats the chocolate cake that is made by mum!!!

I hope you enjoy...


Miss Jones xx

St John Smithfield

This was the best chocolate cake I have ever tried: rich, gooey, perfect. I’d have married it if I could. It is expensive but a little goes a long way — definite feeding- the-5,000 territory. (£7.50 a slice or a whole cake for £75, St John Smithfield, EC1, 020 7251 0848, stjohngroup.uk.com)

Konditor & Cook chocolate hazelnut cake

Wheat-free, this is the cake the gluten intolerant have been waiting for. The sponge is dense and moist and the truffle ganache is thick and not too sweet. Worth getting fat for. (£24 for a cake, £2.95 a slice, stores across London, 020 7633 3333, konditorandcook.com)

Eric Lanlard chocolate and raspberry cake

This was so immaculately decorated that it almost felt like a sin to tuck in and destroy it. Definitely a cake for a connoisseur, it was rich and bitter, the tartness of the raspberry cutting through the chocolate. (£30, 020 7978 5555, cake-boy.com)

Harrods chocolate praline cake

Rich but surprisingly light and mousse-like. Tastes expensive and bad for you — as all the best cakes do. (£30, Harrods food hall, Brompton Road, SW1, 020 7730 1234, harrods.com)

Marks & Spencer Colin the caterpillar

Yes, he’s meant for the kids but Colin has a big adult following too. A chocoholic’s fantasy of a cake — but everyone will fight over who gets to eat his white chocolate face. (£7, stores across London, marksandspencer.com)

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