Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Get the right clothes for Yoga and feel great.

Happy Wednesday....

If there is one thing I know it is not to wear jogging bottoms to a Bikram Yoga class.  I think I lost about half a stone that day....  From then on I stressed about what I was going to wear.  Not being a fitness bunny, I found it hard to wear the right things and feel good at the same time.

I found Sweaty Betty to be a great place to get my fitness clothes and also Yoga clothes.  I also found that Hot Bikram have their own clothing range and that really helped.

If you are off to hit the yoga classroom in whatever style, have a look at the below to make sure you are comfortable and cool...



Miss Jones xx

E-Tight by Striders Edge
A slimming black panel on the inner thigh means you look good however contorted your body gets.

Mexi-Cali Long Legging by Onzie
They won’t get heavy with sweat and the pants won’t show damp patches.

Reversible Wunder Under Pant by lululemon
These are reversible, so you won’t look silly if you put them inside out.

Cassini Mikado by Hey Jo
A super-bright colour will make even the downest-dog feel (and look) better.

Rover leggings by Lucas Hugh
This is Nasa authorised sportswear, with images of the Mars Rover. An in-built bottom-lifting panel will make you feel as if you’re a higher life form. £215 from Harrods.

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