Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Music that is not mass produced!!!

Have you ever wondered where the good music is or where to go? Have you had enough of the X Factors etc? 

In London on a Monday night a brilliant evening is happening.  It is called Session 58 and is hosted by Nate James and Ilana Lorraine and features and eclectic mix of acoustic artists and singers accompanied  by Ashley Kingsley on Piano and Malcolm Alder on double bass.  

It is an evening of kicking back, relaxing and listening to some amazing new talent that are coming up the ranks of the Music industry.  This is how music should be played and done.  Not always listened to on an iPod or downloaded.  Lets get some roots back into music

There is something about listening to live music in a room with good friends and other people who are supporting their performing friends.  It is a great vibe and also something to really enjoy on a weekly basis. 

Session 58 will be happening on a Monday evening at Through the Looking Glass at 49 Hackney Road, London.  You may see some faces that you recognise down there!!


Miss Jones xxx 

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