Thursday, 4 July 2013

Always collect your points - Harrods Rewards

I have always been a believer in getting your money back. It seems Harrods are the same with their rewards card!

When I open my wallet I have every single loyalty card going!!  Nectar, Boots, Superdrug and a Harrods reward card. Shopping on line with Harrods gives you points back and at times Harrods can be less than other good stores.  Impossible I hear you say!  No it is true.  There have been items that I have found on line at Harrods that have been less and I have shopped with them.  I have also collected my points!!!

It is the same with supermarket cards.  The best one out there to me is Nectar.  I have even been known to have got my whole Christmas Dinner shopping through my points on my Nectar card!!  Brilliant.

What ones do you have and which ones work for you.  Do let us know!

Happy Shopping.


Miss Jones xx

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