Wednesday, 10 July 2013

London's best bikini waxers

Ladies.  It is that time of year when you know that you will be hitting the beach and you can spend ages looking for the best Bikini Waxers.  Well I have listed them below.  They are the best and will look after you really well. 


Miss Jones xx


When west, head to superwaxer Strip. Ask for Carleigh. So in demand is she that Strip emailed all its customers to let them know she would be making regular Wednesday appearances at its Notting Hill branch. The rest of the time she’s stripping celebrities and training other waxers with her no-nonsense, no-pain approach. From £23,

Gielly Green

If you’re on the move near Marylebone, grab a slot at Gielly Green. Otylia Roberts, who brought the Brazilian to London, works out of this boutique salon. She’s brisk, talkative and her hot waxes nothing but thorough. From £25,

Dolphin Square Spa

Get your southern state into shape at this Moroccan-style spa just two minutes walk from Pimlico Tube. Therapist Diane delivers the fastest, most pain-free hot wax around. From £20,

Bharti Vyas Holistic Beauty and Laser Centre

If you are central and want as delicate a treatment as possible, book into Bharti Vyas Holistic Beauty and Laser Centre. Its wax contains Azulene oil, which makes the experience less painful and is effective against ingrown hairs. Susan is Bharti’s top stripper. From £18.50,

Angel Therapy rooms

Northern bikini lines should look to the Angel Therapy rooms, housed in a chic Victorian townhouse in Islington. Tatiana is the spa’s waxing guru and her talent makes the treatment as painless as possible. From £30,

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