Tuesday, 16 July 2013

London's best barbecue spots

We all know what it is like when you want to have a barbecue with your mates and you cannot find anywhere that will allow you to. You can’t just light up anywhere you fancy. Cooking on barbecues is banned in most inner-London borough parks and you can be slapped with a £200 fine if found in possession of the smoking evidence. 

Here are the best places to get flaming —  don't forget to put out and discard your BBQ

Get that apron and tongs out and head off to barbecue heaven.....

London Fields, Hackney

There’s a designated barbecue area on the south side of London’s most hipster park, conveniently located near Broadway Market in case you burn your sausages. Arrive early as it fills up on sunny days.

Highbury Fields, Islington

Islington is the only council to allow barbecues in all its public parks and open spaces — they ask that all cookers have stands (bricks work well) and revellers bring water to extinguish coals.

Wandsworth Park, Putney

Tree trunk stands for barbecues have been built in a designated area in this riverside park.

Fred Wells Gardens, Battersea

A well-kept secret: hop on a bus or walk from Clapham Junction and head to the area for disposable barbecues.

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